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We just couldn't wait another day or two—the new release & catalog update are here!

In addition to lots of small updates around the website, there's a lot going on with today's news.

First: the DREAMS AND ACTUALITY collection is now available! These eight scents are intended to evoke the sort of meandering imagination that can only run free in summer—both real and fantastical, floating somewhere between dreams and actuality.

24 HOUR DRIVE: Warm tonka bean, a suede jacket slung over the headrest, a half-rolled spliff spilled all over the backseat, a melted cone of cinnamon vanilla ice cream, and fleeting landscapes illuminated by the sun. 

CICADA KID: The relentless, infinite buzz of summer: windswept grass, dandelions pushing through cracks in asphalt, strongly brewed black tea, handfuls of thyme stuffed into raggedy pockets, and a half-eaten bag of marshmallows.

FARM BOY: Rugged terrain dotted by hay bales drying in the sunlight, stacks of chopped cedar, artichokes and lettuce carried by gentle hands, well-worn denim sticky with pine sap, and dreamy, hopeful bergamot.

LOVERS LEAVING HELL: Woodsmoke from a dying bonfire, a pair of lit cigarettes under a starry sky, two warm bowls of vanilla rice pudding, and sweet, yearning kisses of cardamom.

NIETZSCHE'S LYCHEES: A second, dangerous innocence in joy. Sour lychees broken open by hand, sinful black musk, bittersweet chocolate, bone-dry sweetgrass, mushrooms growing amongst tangled roots, and a whisper of sweet osmanthus in the darkness.

REVERIE: Moments spent frolicking in the consciousness of another life. Steamed rice speckled with clove, words swirling off the pages of a book, the lingering haze of imagination, and a marshmallow-soft tumble back down to earth.

SHOTGUN: Dollops of whipped cream speckled with vanilla bean paste, velvety pink peonies, blissfully tart wild strawberries, glowing white amber, and the hiss of a cold metal canister.

TÚ Y YO: Together, and in love: hand-plucked frangipani, featherlight musk, rich dark vanilla bean, powdered sugar, overripe figs simmered in panela, and a slice of fresh angel food cake. 


There are also four new single notes joining the spring/summer catalog:

BLACKTOP: Shimmering summer rain evaporating off of hot, sticky asphalt.

LAWN: A sunlit nap on the lawn: a body sinking into cool green turf and fingers tangled with fresh cut grass.

LAZY RIVER: Towels soaked with pool water, and wet, glistening skin drying in the heat.

ORYZA: Fluffy basmatti rice in a warm bowl.


These 12 scents are some of my favorites ever released—many of them were a technical challenge to formulate (long-lasting grass! smoky top notes! rich fruity base notes!) while others pushed me out of my usual style (gourmands are so hard, for real).

They really embody OSMOFOLIA, I think—both philosophical and playful, complex but straightfoward, reflective of a distinct curiosity for the scents of the world around us.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do 🥰


With this release, OSMOFOLIA also celebrates the first anniversary of our perfume house!

Our perfumery officially opened in June of 2022, as nothing more than a table at a local market. Over the past year, OSMOFOLIA has grown more than I ever expected it to, and I'm so immensely grateful for that! The ability to share olfactory art with you is a joy and an honor ❤️

To celebrate our first year, we are releasing a special anniversary scent!

Folks often ask what OSMOFOLIA's studio smells like—it'd be impossible to bottle the day-to-day aroma, but this scent is a snapshot of what the studio smelled like on a specific afternoon.

And what better theme is there than the inspiration and humdrum of perfumery itself?

OLFACTORIUM: The scented ephemera of a perfume studio, and the clutter of a perfumer at work: an open vial of pink pepper, a fifth cup of coffee, papers of formulae smeared with iso e super, droplets of milk lactone on the bench, a heaping scoop of coumarin, scent strips rich with sandalwood aroma chemicals, and the sweet marshmallowy joy of inspiration brought to life.

The scent's concept is also a balance between fantasy notes (coffee, formulas, paper, marshmallow, scent strips) and individual ingredients (pink pepper, iso e super, milk lactone, coumarin, sandalwood aroma chemicals).

I wanted to showcase these ingredients individually rather than hiding them in a notes list that feels more familiar, because my favorite part of perfumery is developing familiarity with individual materials and learning how to visualize them in larger scents.

I know that might make the scent a bit harder to imagine—but luckily, we've got a way to make it easier to smell. For June, Olfactorium will be the freebie scent in every order! (unless a different scent is explicitly requested)

As another way to pay homage to OSMOFOLIA's beginnings, there is a small anniversary sale—since marshmallow was the note that kicked off my interested in learning to make perfume, all scents with a marshmallow note are 20% off from May 30th to June 14th, with code ANNIVERSARY. :)


A few quick catalog updates:

  • Cabin has joined the general catalog, while Good Morning, Disaster is being changed to the fall/winter catalog.
  • Black Walnut, Gingerbread, and Sweet Potato Casserole are also being moved to the fall/winter catalog.
  • The remaining Duets are pre-bottled, so they won't be restocked, but they will hang around for a few days until June 1st at 11:59PM.


On our shift to new bottles/vials & pricing updates:

All of the individual scent pages have been updated to reflect the new product information. Prices for 5ml bottles have risen to $21.00, and we've changed the style of the bottle (now, it's square!), the caps (they're copper, and they look awesome!), and the labels (no more slippy labels is the goal... plus, updated label art!).

We finished up the last of our case of previous bottles, and the remaining ones were pre-bottled for May. The last call for leftovers is here!

Samples are now offered in 2ml vials, rather than 1ml. 2ml samples now cost $8.00 individually, but sample sets are priced so that each sample is $7.00 (ie, 6 samples x $7 = $42 for a sample set of 6). The vials come with reducer caps to help prevent spillage, too.

Solid fragrances also have updated pricing. Previous batches of solid fragrance were filled with 15g of balm for $15, but newer batches of solid fragrance contain 21g and now cost $20.

Certain solid fragrance scents were restocked more than a month ago, so a 15g/$15 option for those scents will remain on the website until we run out. When they're restocked, they'll switch over to the 21g/$20 offering :)


Finally, an update on alcohol format offerings!

Unfortunately, we ran into an issue with the case of bottles, so the release of our alcohol format scents will be delayed until July 1st or so. So sorry to extend the wait!

But I don't want to leave you hanging, so here's some brief info about what's coming:

  • There will be two sizes available: a 30ml bottle for $65, and a 10ml travel size for $30. Both are sprays!
  • Spray samples may be available in the future, but we haven't loved any of the sample sprayers that we've tried, so we're holding off until we find ones that work like a dream.

Our scent lineup includes our most popular scents as well as some new releases:

  • And Life And The Fields
  • Cumulus
  • Dream Bean
  • Geosmin
  • I And Thou
  • Iso E Super
  • Marshmallow
  • Ode To Aphrodite
  • Santal
  • Solario
  • Stratus
  • Lawn
  • Lazy River
  • Lovers Leaving Hell
  • Olfactorium (anniversary!)
  • Farm Boy
  • Nietzsche's Lychees
  • Oryza
  • Tú Y Yo

We aren't covering the entire catalog for a few reasons:

First, certain scents have to be reformulated for an alcohol format. Some ingredients play well with oil but not with alcohol and vice-versa, and we don't want anything to separate out from the rest of the perfume. Reformulating to keep the scents consistent can take time. :)

Second, we have to grow incrementally—we're looking into a larger space to store products, but for now, we can't fit tons of big bottles in the studio.

Third, we don't have the ingredients yet! A larger size and different diluent mean that we need more of each ingredient to make the scent smell just as strong. Increasing the volume of our ingredients will also be an incremental process.

But if you'd like to suggest particular scents (even out-of-season) that you'd love to see in an alcohol format, you can let us know here!


Thank you for putting up with this giant update! As always, we're excited to grow with you, and we are very thankful for your patience with all the tinkering :)

Have a warm, relax-under-the-sky kind of day 💕




Just a few things to note today :)


First of all, samples and sample sets are totally sold out. I know lots of folks were hoping to nab some samples before the price increase, but unfortunately, this was the last big restock before the switch!

We do have about a hundred empty vials left in the studio, so there will be one very small restock of 1ml samples sometime in June.

To fill the remaining empty vials, we'll be prioritizing sample sets, but we may have some extra individual samples left over after we finish filling pre-June orders. :)


Second, we're changing the way that we offer vegan options for our scents. Previously, we had been providing vegan formulations by request; However, as our business grows, that system has made it difficult to fulfill orders with vegan options in a timely fashion!

We're starting by reformulating nonvegan scents where we can. Helios (spring/summer catalog), Sweet Potato Casserole (current, but moving to fall catalog soon) and Caramelo (fall catalog) are now fully vegan—to my nose, the vegan & nonvegan formulations are near-indistinguishable in scent already, so we're moving forward with the vegan versions permanently.

Three more scents will be reformulated later in the year. A Marten With A Vengeance (fall/winter) and A Squirrel With An Evil Plan (fall/winter) will return in vegan form this fall. The Exquisite Corpse duet already has a vegan formulation, but since the collection is retiring in just over a week, all remaining stock will be nonvegan; the vegan version will replace it when the duet collection returns.

I'm also going to work on a better vegan formulation for the Insomniacs On A Date duet, but no promises on whether that will be offered permanently. There is one currently, but it isn't a close enough match to the original that I'd feel comfortable replacing the nonvegan formula entirely.

We do have a few scents where the inclusion of beeswax absolute really does make a big difference in the scent—And Life And The Fields and Summer Sigh both have vegan versions currently, but the What A Spellcaster Leaves Behind duet does not. I'm still debating how to offer those in vegan form moving forward, but for now, these scents will only be available in nonvegan formulations.


Third, on a similar note, the request for a coconut-free oil option will be changing a little bit, too. It does take extra time depending on how much concentrate of each formula I have on hand, and sometimes that gets complicated when the order has to be filled under a regular turnaround time.

Moving forward, if you'd like to request a coconut-free oil for your perfume, please email us before placing an order! That way, we can check on scent availability to let you know what's doable in a regular TAT, or what might require a longer wait.


Finally, another scent study is up on our blog. This time, it's the scent of caramel! :)


That's all for today—keep an eye out for our next announcements to come with our release on June 1st! :)

Sending sunlight your way ☀️

Perfumer at OSMOFOLIA




Lots of updates today, so I’m just going to dive straight in!

First: the shop will be taking a break from May 3rd to May 12th—while the website will remain open, all order processing will be paused during this time. We’re taking a break to go to Los Angeles for this year’s Art & Olfaction Awards, because Solario has been nominated for an award!!

We’re working hard to get as many orders out before then as we can. A helper just joined the business, so we’ll be able to move faster than usual! Pre-orders may or may not be sent out before the break—we’re trying to get them done early, but the official shipping deadline for current pre-orders is still May 31st.

The last day to place an order if you’d like it to be shipped before the break is tomorrow (Friday, April 28th)! Any orders placed after April 28th will not begin processing until May 12th. (Essentially, orders placed after April 28th will have a longer than usual TAT.)

Back in March, when plans for spring were made, we weren’t expecting a trip to Scent Week! So, to make up for the time we’ll be away, a few things have been pushed back:

The spring discount for email subscribers will also be extended until May 30th!

Additionally, the duets will remain available until May 31st, rather than coming down on May 15th.

Finally, our summer release has been pushed to May 31st! You can take a peek at some of the upcoming scents in our master scent list ;)

I’ll be posting quite a bit on social media while we’re at Scent Week and Art & Olfaction events—if you’d like to hear about the cool olfactory things going on that week, follow us on instagram and/or tiktok <3


OSMOFOLIA is coming up on our one year anniversary in June, and our small perfumery has grown far beyond I ever expected it to, for which I’m so thankful!

In addition to the second pair of hands helping out in the studio, a few other things will be changing with OSMOFOLIA:

#1: An update on custom scent requests and bespoke perfumes, starting today:

I’m overjoyed to receive so many custom scent requests—every idea so far has been so intriguing! Unfortunately, over the past couple of months, the number of custom requests has risen far beyond my ability to keep up with them.

I still want to work on custom scents—if I could, I’d take every single request that comes!—but moving forward, I won’t be taking requests by email.

Instead, we’ll be moving to a lottery system!

When I’ve got the time to take a custom scent project or three, I’ll post an announcement on the website, as well as on instagram and on tiktok. Anyone interested in a custom/bespoke scent can enter, and the winner(s) will be selected by a randomizer.

Any custom requests that have already been accepted for this year will be honored, of course! I’m steadily working through the list of current requests, so if we’ve already spoken over email about it, your scent is still coming :)

#2: A change to the catalog of single and layering notes, starting May 31st:

We’ll be switching over to an alternating catalog of single notes for spring/summer and fall/winter, to match the rest of our catalog. A few of the current single notes will be moving out of the current rotation, but they’ll come back in the fall!

These scents will be taken down from the shop on May 31st:

  • Black Walnut
  • Gingerbread
  • Sweet Potato Casserole


Furthermore, Cabin will be joining the general catalog by popular request! And Good Morning, Disaster is changing to a seasonally available scent (fall/winter).

#3: A new offering, coming this summer:

As we’ve had so many requests for it, OSMOFOLIA will be offering some scents in an alcohol-based format beginning this summer! Not all scents will be offered in alcohol, partly because not all ingredients are alcohol-soluble. We may be able to offer more scents over time, but we’re starting small to keep the catalog manageable.

Our starting lineup for alcohol-based scents will be announced on May 31st, with the new release!

#4: Some changes in our current packaging:

As a result of community feedback, we’re changing out our bottles and our labels.

While 5ml bottles will still be offered, plastic rollerballs will be replaced with steel rollerballs. We’re also switching suppliers for our 5ml bottles, due to availability issues. Our bottles will have a new look come summer!

Since our current sample vials are prone to spills and label mishaps, we’re switching over to 2ml sample vials! A larger vial means our sample labels will have a larger font size, and we’re also switching to labels with a stronger adhesive. No more slippery labels!

We’re also looking into reducer caps for both the 5ml bottles and the samples, as we’ve had lots of requests for that too :)

#5: Some pricing changes, which come into effect on May 31st:

Samples will now be $8 per 2ml vial. 1ml samples will still be available through Ajevie and Arae Decantery!

5ml bottles are increasing to $21 per bottle. This cost increase reflects increased ingredient prices, as well as the cost of the bottles and labels replacing our current offerings.

We will also be switching to a tiered system for free samples, since freebies will now be in 2ml vials rather than 1mls! Orders will receive one free sample for every $50—meaning, a $50 order will receive one freebie, while a $200 order will receive four. The scent for a free sample can still be requested!

Free US shipping will also be available for orders over $50, instead of over $60. :)

#6: Finally, a change in our charitable giving:

Previously, every full size and/or sample set purchased through OSMOFOLIA planted a tree in One Tree Planted’s reforestation project. This contribution is extremely important to me, and I’m overjoyed at the number of trees we’ve planted together!

However, the level of this commitment means that as costs have risen, we’ve been unable to give anything to other causes and organizations that also depend on community support.

Moving forward, one tree will be planted per order, rather than per item. That way, OSMOFOLIA can put more money toward other deserving organizations!

On our donation wishlist for this year are The Institute for Art and Olfaction [olfactory education], Dream of Wild Health [protecting indigenous food, medicine, and spiritual traditions in Minnesota], Children’s Minnesota Gender Health Program [gender-affirming healthcare for trans kids], Pimento Relief Services [coalition for the political, social, and economic liberation of BIPOC communities], and our local animal shelter [helping animals get care & find homes] :)

As these donations are made, more information about the recipient organizations will be added to our FAQs!


Whew! That was a lot. So sorry for the wall of text, and thank you for your patience in reading til the end. There are a lot of changes, but we’re looking forward to the direction that OSMOFOLIA is headed!


Wishing you a joyful rest of your day,




Wow! There are a lot of visitors to the shop today—I'm so thankful for all the interest in SOLARIO!

Unfortunately, our current stock is already sold out. Luckily, there's still a way to get your nose on SOLARIO! We've just opened a pre-order for the next batch, which was freshly prepared this evening.

This batch will mature for a few weeks in the studio, so that the scent will be richer and deeper when it's time for bottling. Then, our team will get to work filling and packaging each bottle of perfume by hand. The bottles from this pre-order will ship by May 31st, 2023!

(Please be aware that if there are other products in your order, those won't be shipped until the pre-order ships. If you'd rather get those sooner, two separate orders is the way to go!)

If pre-orders aren't your thing, joining our email list would be the best way to find out when the next restock happens. We send out emails to announce restocks and sales, so you don't have to worry about spam :)

If you have any questions (or just want to say hey!), send us a message at ❤️

Sending fresh air and warm weather your way,

Perfumer at OSMOFOLIA



Today's first announcement is a little bit late, but it's very exciting!!

On March 31st, Solario was named as a finalist for the 2023 Art & Olfaction Awards!

The Art & Olfaction Awards are presented to outstanding fragrances released by artisan and independent perfumers. Out of hundreds of perfumes submitted from all over the world, the judging panel chooses the top ten fragrances in two categories, independent and artisan.

We'll find out the winners of the awards in May, but until then, go check out Solario!

If you'd like to see the other finalists for this year's awards, there's a full list on the Institute for Art & Olfaction's website. Here are the links for the list of artisan finalists (where the perfumer is the brand owner, like OSMOFOLIA) and independent finalists (where the perfumer isn't the brand owner, but the brand is still independently owned), along with the finalists for the Sadakichi Award for experimental work with scent!

You can also read more about the Art & Olfaction Awards here.

We'll also be doing a giveaway that includes bottles of Solario later this month in partnership with @uncommonsmells on TikTok, too!


A couple of other updates:

First, the pre-order for the duets (more specifically, for single scents from the duet collection) is being extended.

Given that the shop's TAT is 15 business days, and two of five duets were only released three weeks ago, it occurred to me that closing the pre-order after a week (as originally planned) wouldn't be very fair to folks who are just receiving (or are still waiting on) their samples!

So, the pre-order will remain open for the rest of the month. The pre-order will close on April 30th (11:59PM in US Central Time, GMT -5). The shipping date for the pre-order will stay the same though—all pre-order items will ship on or before May 31st :)

If you want just one half of a duet, this pre-order is a chance to do that! (Normally, the two halves of a duet aren't available individually because the scents have to be mixed and macerated at the same time for batch consistency.) This won't be the only pre-order like this, but the duets will be retiring later in May, so this is the last chance until fall.

Second: samples were restocked today, along with some full sizes!

We appreciate everyone's patience in waiting for the restock—it's been a very busy month, and samples in particular take quite a bit of time to prepare.

The good news is that samples of all scents have been restocked!

Sample restocks for the future will most likely happen around once a month—but if you're looking for a sample that's already out of stock, you may also be able to find it at Ajevie. Their samples of our scents are also restocked monthly, so there's a good chance that what you're looking for will be in stock. :)

Sunlight seems to have finally arrived in Minnesota—hope you're getting lots of sunshine, too!

Perfumer at OSMOFOLIA