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I AND THOU solid fragrance

I AND THOU solid fragrance

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A tree stands before you in the dappled sunlight. Fluttering birch tree leaves, forest green grass, and pine needles provide the greenness of the forest, while pine, iso e super, cedar, and sandalwood depict the weathered wood, and clary sage, clearwood, and vetiver ground the tree roots. Inspired by Martin Buber's philosophical contemplation of I-Thou relations. [Vegan.]

TOP/WET: birch tree leaves ✦ pine needles ✦ forest green grass
MID/HEART: pine wood ✦ clary sage ✦ iso e super ✦ sunshine
BASE/DRYDOWN: sandalwood ✦ vetiver ✦ clearwood ✦ cedar ✦ tree roots

Inspired by Martin Buber's philosophical contemplation of I-Thou relations, this is a tribute to his tree:

"A rigid pillar in a flood of light, or splashes of green traversed by the gentleness of the blue silver ground.... The flowing veins around the sturdy, striving core, the sucking of the roots, the breathing of the leaves, the infinite commerce with earth and air–and the growing itself in its darkness.... Throughout all of this the tree remains my object and has its place and its time span, its kind and condition.

But it can also happen, if will and grace are joined, that as I contemplate the tree I am drawn into a relation, and the tree ceases to be an It. The power of exclusiveness has seized me."

Our artisan fragrance products, such as this solid fragrance, are final sale and not eligible for returns. If you aren't sure about a full size, we recommend trying a sample!



When applying solid fragrances, make sure to use clean hands or clean tools in order to extend the shelf life of the balm.

First, patch test by applying the solid fragrance to a small patch of skin, like your wrist or the back of your hand. If there are any signs of irritation, discontinue use and wash off the balm.

Once you're ready to use the solid fragrance, apply a generous amount to your pulse points (wrists, neck, inside of elbows, behind the ears, behind the knees).

If you like, rub the balm in, or wait until it starts to absorb into your skin.

Breathe in deeply to smell your new fragrance, and enjoy the atmosphere it creates!


This listing is for 21g of solid fragrance in a 1oz tin.

Please note that this product is somewhere between a cologne and a perfume, which means the concentration of scent is lower than in a perfume oil. However, the heavier nature of the balm (compared to an oil) means that the fragrance lasts longer through the day.

Not suitable for children, pets, oil diffusers, or for those who are pregnant or nursing. Coconut-free base available on request.


Ingredients: Mango butter, candelilla wax, castor oil, fractionated coconut oil, isopropyl myristate, fragrance, vitamin E oil, rosemary antioxidant CO2, stemone, zenolide, dihydromyrcenol, mysoral, Black Agar Givco 215, tonquitone, phenyl ethyl acetate, styralyl acetate, violet leaf absolute, clearwood, toscanol, ultrazur, peonile, Haitian vetiver essential oil, vetiver java essential oil, iso e super, hexyl salicylate, geranyl acetate, linalyl acetate, coriander seed CO2, hedione, petitgrain essential oil, tetrahydro linalool, ethylene brassylate, auralva, hinoki essential oil, patchouli essential oil, lavender absolute, vernaldehyde, basil essential oil, Birch Leaf Givco 166/2, florhydral, exaltolide, cis-3-hexenol, phenyl ethyl alcohol, cis-3-hexenyl acetate. Contains natural extracts of violet leaf, vetiver, coriander seed, hinoki, patchouli, lavender, and basil.
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Love it

I have a new daily fragrance. I and Thou is so nice on me. Not overwhelming at all, still very much present, and smells like spring in a way.